NOLIMIT is an exclusive distributor of tobacco and alternative-to-smoking products.
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NOLIMIT is a young and ambitious company. NOLIMIT is an official distributor of new tobacco and alternative-to-smoking products. All goods are subject to full customs clearance covering the payment of all taxes. The company pays all taxes at wholesale and retail sale of electronic cigarettes and sticks.
about company
Contracts on supplying disposable electronic cigarettes and sticks have been concluded with large networks. Currently NOLIMIT covers more than 3,000 retail outlets. Moreover, completely covered is the Ukrainian vape market: 250 vape shops and 120-150 small-scale wholesale customers.
about company
retail outlets
retail outlets
vape shops
vape shops
about company
Wholesale trade licenses for tobacco and e-liquid
Licensed warehouses for excisable products storage
Our team has 12+ years of expertise in the vaping market working under other legal names. We have a team of experienced engineers, designers and mixologists

Exclusive contract IDentity

An exclusive contract on
supplying electronic cigarettes
“IDentity” has been concluded.
From now on, the Ukrainian
vape market will be enriched by
one more brand of alternative
smoking. "IDentity" disposable
e-cigarettes providing 2100 puffs,
will allow vape connoisseurs
to experience the powerful
potential of the device,
embodied in a standard design,
and try an unlimited range
of new flavors.
  • 18 jul 2023

Exclusive contract PLONQ

An exclusive contract on
supplying disposable electronic
cigarettes has been concluded
with an American company
PLONQ, having manufacturing
facilities in China
  • 18 jul 2022

Exclusive contract with
China Tobacco

An exclusive contract
on supplying sticks
to Ukraine has been concluded
with the subsidiary of the
largest global cigarette
manufacturer “China Tobacco”

  • 22 jul 2022

Biodegradable cigarettes

Upcoming is an exclusive
contract on supplying
cigarettes to Ukraine
(scheduled for February, 2022)

  • 18 jul 2022

A new brand BRO ™

NOLIMIT has registered its own
brand BRO ™ and concluded an
exclusive contract for the
production of disposable
electronic cigarettes with one
of the best factories in China.

  • 15 jul 2022
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